Elimae has been an absolute blessing!

Oh my gosh, where do I even begin!? Elimae has been an absolute blessing! I first reached out to her, not really sure where to start with the home buying process – all I knew was I wanted to check out a house we saw on Zillow.

She guided us throughout by explaining the process and giving us realistic expectations. First was to get prequalified just to see what we can afford at max, and then looked at our target monthly payment, and then asked us what kind of style or characteristics on a home were we shooting for. We did all that and she came up with a nice list for us to go and see together of ones that met our criteria – those that matched our style and also within our budget/target monthly payment – and she helped us find a hidden gem, one that we are now proud to say that we own!!!

Elimae has been super responsive and very prompt any time I had any questions, and she’ll advise me about what my options are if I had any doubts, and helped lift the burden of making all the decisions by myself. She’s really been awesome about keeping you updated throughout each step, so you’re never left wondering! Her being my advocate in the negotiations for the deal and my sounding board has definitely made my first time home purchase less stressful and scary, and the entire ordeal as smooooooooooth as butter!

My husband and I, along with our doggos, are forever thankful for all of her help! I highly recommend Elimae! She’s always readily available to help! If you’re ever in the market to buy, she’s your gal!

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