What is “The Alpha Social Mvmt”?

I am beyond excited for this event!
The Alpha Social Mvmt was conceived when I pretty much snapped after seeing so much superficial “support” on social media lol. We need to do much more than just post positive quotes and virtual high-fives behind a screen. I know that small businesses thrive on more than just a thumbs up and heart emojis.
I’m hungry for real life interaction with others who want to succeed not only in business, but in developing a well-rounded life where you are mindful of giving quality attention to your self, family, friends and community. Maybe I’m sounding cheesy, but all that led me to taking a leap of faith in creating The Alpha Social Mvmt.
My hope is to build a community where local business owners, of all levels and industries, could come together to actively build each other up on a tangible level. Believe it or not we can really ALL win and make a bigger impact if we can get over the competition mentality. One of my fave quotes says “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Business will naturally grow when you’re able to develop genuine business relationships and connect with people on a human level. Personally, I choose to work with those that are more than a walking sales-pitch and those that are relatable.
This is a business networking event so of course you’ll exchange business cards and referrals. Beyond that, I hope you do connect with like-minded professionals to discuss tips on how to develop work-life balance and other business practices you can implement. I don’t care who you are, or what you do, we all have something to share with one another. Also, I wanted to create a fun event that I’d personally look forward to attending — where it’s not so stuffy and intimidating, but instead, fun AND productive. I want those that come to leave inspired and a little more equipped with the right connections and direction to succeed in their business and in life.
It’s funny how you will find much more purpose and blessings when you look beyond yourself…
Sooo that’s pretty much my vision for The Alpha Social Mvmt. I look forward to this kickoff event…if you’re in the area and available, I hope to see you there!

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